How fortunate that I was searching for something or other (I forget what) and stumbled onto your website. I couldn't be happier that I found this scope.
And thank you as well for the best packing I've ever seen! Even the spokes were individually wrapped and the cylinder of cardboard around the stem was pure genius.
Delivery was fast. Kaleidoscope was very nice and will be on display in our living room for all to enjoy. Thanks for making my wife a kid again.
Just received my kaleidoscope from Kaleidoscopes USA. Everything was beautifully packaged and arrived in perfect shape, on time, as promised. We’ll be back
DanielSan Jose, CA
This is a wonderful new online shop. The site is well-maintained and easy to navigate. Shipment is fast and safe. Most importantly, the kaleidoscopes include the works of many of the true master kaleidoscope makers, a treasure trove for the collector.
The shop where I used to purchase the wedding kaleidoscope as a gift for couples to get them started on the right track stopped carrying the product. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could order this online and the customer service and following through was top notch. I love to give kaleidoscopes as gifts, and it is great to have found this resource in
Wow. I just got Kevin & Deborah Healy’s new necklace scope with a spectacular FIRE OPAL on the outside. The inside views are great. It was an early holiday present from my husband. I think I’ll keep him!
BetsyEnglewood, NJ
Thank you for sending the “Doctor’s Delight” (by David Kaish) I ordered. It arrived when you said it would and it is TERRIFIC! A ‘scope with oil in its viewing chamber, filled with PILLS, capsules in all shapes and colors. My doctor, who is also my brother, won’t put it down!
PJNew York City
We’ve been scope collectors for years, but always find something new and wonderful at the Kaleidoscopes USA. The fact that their scopes are all American made is a real plus for me!
TaniaSarasota, FL