Cozy Baker Jack in the Box By Jax of Maine, c 1980

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Awesome gift for any fan of Kaleidoscopes and Brewster Society Founder and Author Cozy Baker, November 14, 1923 – October 19, 2010. Read more about Cozy Baker, click here.
This working Jack in the Box has amazing detail and workmanship. She wears a blue gown and scraf, and hold a perfect replice scope. The scope wheel turns! Handpainted facial features. In excellent condition. Signed by the Artist on bottom of box. Push the wooden box on front panel about 1/2 inch to spring this Cozy in the Box into action. Box measures approximately 4.5″ tall square and 12″ when open. Box is finished with a Danish oil and light wax. This is new, unsold stock from a store in Nyack NY. Has been in storage for 20 plus years. Perfect condition. NOTE: This not suitable for a young child's toy. It's not fragile but it's not meant for children.

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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 12 in